Chris Brown laid out the rules he lives by when it comes to women. Own it.

Chris Brown laid out the rules he lives by when it comes to women. Own it.

Chris Brown needs a lesson in the meaning of misogyny. In a message probably meant to be uplifting for guys everywhere, he explains how he keeps Rihanna under his thumb. He lets her know who owns, to put it mildly, her lady parts. But he was far cruder about it.

The scene unfolded at the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood early Thursday morning. The DJ was playing a song by rap rival Drake, which sent Brown scurrying to the stage.

“The DJ can play this s**t, but I want you all to know, F**k Drake!” he said while flipping off the audience. Then, he inexplicably decided to start ranting about women, assuming that most guys would dig what he was saying.

“Every guy in this building has said one thing to their female … If you’re not an insecure n—-, and you let her have fun with her friends, I applaud you. But you gotta say that one thing to her, and I made this s–t up.

Then, he burst into a little ditty about the kitty: “Don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my p—y baby! It is mine, baby, babe, mine. So you better not give it away!” Make sure “b—hes” know who’s boss,”he added.

“So every person in this motherf—– building, if you got a bad b—h you better say that to her. Cause she might f–k another n—-.”

The stream of consciousness expression may have been a response to Rihanna’s departure on her Diamonds Tour, which will take her to the U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa. She launched the tour in Buffalo, NY Thursday night.

Of course Brown failed to mention what rules he follows as the man in a relationship. Even though he’s back in a relationship with the Barbadian singer, he spent NBA All-Star week in Houston with his supposed ex-girlfriend Kerruche Tran.

Brown recently told London’s Daily Mirror that night in 2009 he beat Rihanna unconscious was “the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake.”

But clearly his attitude toward women is the same. He owns them… or else.

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