Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders on the set. Inset: Jules Stewart.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders on the set. Inset: Jules Stewart.

Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules Stewart is taking some of the heat for her daughter’s decision to take a lead role in the big budget film, “Snow White and the Huntsman,’ and now feels somewhat guilty about the scandalous consequences.

The film brought Stewart and Snow White Director Rupert Sanders together for weeks of filming on the barren Welsh coast in Great Britain.

One thing led to another until they got back to Los Angeles and an intrepid photographer caught Stewart in public with Sanders’ face press against her breasts. Stewart’s relationship with Pattinson has reportedly healed, but Sanders wife, UK model Liberty Ross, gave him is walking papers.

At the time, Jules was directing a low-budget, exploitation film “K-11,” about a prison life, and said she encouraged Kristen to continue doing big-budget films like the “Twilight” franchise.

“She kept working and she kept working and she kept working. And she got really big and we were still really small. and I was like, ‘Go! Go do Snow White, please, go make those big films honey, that’s wonderful!'” she tells UsWeekly.

The sex scandal revealed something about Stewart that Jules said she’s known all along. “Kristen has a dark side. Kristen has the edge — thank god, right?” the proud mom says.

The way Kristen describes it, the movie role was a no brainer. She liked the character and she liked the spin the movie took on the childrens’ fairy tale. And, after doing modestly well at the box office, she landed a sequel. Can’t ask for more than that… except for the other thing, of course.

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