Selena Gomez's new single Rule the World hits the web.

Selena Gomez’s new single Rule the World hits the web.

Selena Gomez is living up to her promise to fill her next album with bouncy dance tunes. The first song, “Rule the World,” popped up on the Internet today (Mar. 13) and is both lively and passionate. Was Justin Bieber the inspiration?

The album is due out in April followed by a tour. Both will come on the heels of her new movie “Spring Breakers,” which hits theaters Mar. 15.

Apparently, world domination is a popular theme. Beyonce released “Who Rule The World (Girls)” and Rihanna released “Run the World,” last year.

“It is so much fun. I made a huge, fun dance record that I’m so proud of,” Gomez said in a recent interview with Teen Vogue magazine. She said the album is influenced by Skrillex with hints of Taylor Swift.

“I got to record 20 or so great songs and work with a bunch of different producers, and they’re all really fun pop songs; a little Ellie Goulding-ish, a little island-y feel,” she said.”

“It’s kind of been hush-hush about it, and I’m excited for the single to come out and for my fans to hear it.”

Well, the single is here. The lyrics focus on the end of a relationship, and could easily be interpreted to reflect her experience dating Bieber. The two broke up earlier this year.

Selena sings:

“Our love was made to rule the world
You came and broke the perfect girl
Our love was made to rule the world
You left me wanting what we were.”

Gomez has been focusing on the big screen recently. In addition to racy “Spring Breakers,” her latest Disney Special, “Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex vs. Alex” will also debut this Friday (Mar. 15).

Gomez’s last album, 2011’s When the Sun Goes Down, hit No. 3 on pop charts domestically.

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