Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce are filming The Rover under extreme conditions.

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce are filming The Rover under extreme conditions.

Robert Pattinson’s rough character in “The Rover” is captured in one of the first photos from the set in Australia. Photographer Matt Nettheim, an Aussie native, took the shot of co-star Guy Pearce and Rob, who looked bloodied and beaten.

In the futuristic crime thriller, set in the arid outback of South Australia, Rob’s character, Rey, is a member of a criminal gang.

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The gang meets up with Guy’s character, Eric, and attempt to rob him. In the bloody fight that follows, Rey is wounded and left behind, while the gang makes off with Eric’s car. The possession is so valuable in their post-apocalyptic world, Eric forces Rey to help him track down his gang.

Rob has always said he hoped to play a wide variety of characters following his role as vampire Edward Cullen in five Twilight films. He particularly relished playing bad guys.

So far, he’s gotten his wish. He’s now played the bad guy in three movies, “Bel Ami,” “Cosmopolis” and now “The Rover.”

Nettheim was able to gain access to the set through his friend David Michod, who wrote and is directing “The Rover.” He previously directed the well-received 2010 movie “Animal Kingdom” and co-wrote “Hesher,” a dark comedy/drama with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman.

When the production crew for “The Rover” arrived in Adelaide, Nettheim’s hometown, he signed on to travel to the extremely remote and dangerously hot far north of South Australia.

“The prospect of working in that environment at this time of the year, with daily temperatures expected to be around 50 degrees [122 F], scared off many experienced local crew, but a brave crew was assembled and the film making road trip commenced,” he wrote on his blog.

The weather has been moderating of late with temperatures in the 75 F to 80 F range. But they are expected to soard into the 90s F later this week. There have also been severe high wind warnings, which have helped fuel a number of wild fires.

The photo released by Nettheim shows Rob bloodied and beaten, his face streaked with blood and dirt. Pearce’s character Eric holds a gun in his face and looks like he’s screaming at Rob’s character. Rob was previously photographed with a false set of rotted teeth in keeping with his rough character.

Nettheim is one of two Australian photojournalists who are members of The Society of Motion Picture Stills Photographers, according to his biography.

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