Kristen Stewart and mom Jules Stewart. Who's career is bigger?

Kristen Stewart and mom Jules Stewart. Who’s career is bigger?

Kristen Stewart may not be the best actress, but she is definitely the best known in the world. So much so, her mother is complaining that her own film career is getting lost in the shuffle.

Mom Jules Stewart is finally getting her first big break. She’s directing for the first time, even though it’s a low-budget exploitation film.

Kristen artfully avoided appearing in the film, despite pressure from her mother, by claiming she had a scheduling conflict.

“It’s extremely frustrating for me, because she’s 22 years old and I’m almost 60,” Jules whined The Los Angeles Times. “In terms of life experience–hello! I have it all over her. It’s not like I came out of nowhere.”

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What bothers Jules the most is the fear that she will mostly be remembered as Kristen’s mother and not for her own movie career. Kristen’s father, John, is also a long-time show business hand. he works as a television producer and a stage manager.

Before directing, Jules worked for years as a script supervisor. Although the title sounds impressive, Jules had nothing to do on the creative end. A script supervisor keeps track of the production schedule and logs which scenes have been shot, so filming stays on track.

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It’s considered a clerical job and back in the day, the position usually went to a woman, who was called a “script girl,” sort of like a secretary. The job has taken on more importance in modern times and usually gets a mention in film credits.

Jules takes credit for helping Kristen to break into the industry. Kristen started acting as a child and scored a breakout role at the age of 12, in the 2002 thriller “The Panic Room.”

The film was directed by David Fincher and starred Jodi Foster, who also claims to have taken Kristen under her wing. Stewart wasn’t the first choice for the film. She got the role after Hayden Panettiere dropped out during pre-production.

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“To the world, I have no name. I am ‘Mama Stew’ — that’s what they call me, all of her zillions of fans,” Jules tells the newspaper.

“I’m famous for being her mom. And, I would hate to think that it’s because of my 22-year-old that I got to direct a movie,” she added.

The low-budget film, “K-11” opens today (Mar. 15) in theaters. But don’t expect it to stick around. It’s likely to hit pay-per-view and video quickly.

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