Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce filming The Rover in Australia.

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce filming The Rover in Australia.

Robert Pattinson says he’s using the harsh conditions of Australia’s Outback to shape his gritty character in his new movie “The Rover,” and says the grueling shoot has changed him as an actor.

That may explain why he’s foregone all creature comforts, including visits from his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. He feels it might detract from his performance.

“Yeah, it’s tough. But at the end of the day, it’s only two months,” he told Australia’s Courier Mail newspaper.

Most of the filming has taken place in a town called Marree, with a population of just 90 people. It’s about far from Hollywood as an actor can get, according to the paper. The region has virtually no cell phone service.

“It’s added lots to the performance – being covered in dirt, pouring sweat, with tons of flies around, you lose your inhibitions quite quickly,” he told the newspaper.

TheImproper reported yesterday that filming has been taking place in harsh conditions during the Outback summer. Temperatures can soar to as high as 122 F, equivalent to areas in the United States like Death Valley. The region has also been hit by high winds and brush fires this summer.

The conditions and isolation are “good in some ways,” says Rob. “You definitely end up making a different movie. Being in the desert has a funny effect. It does change you in a way.”

The $12 million film is set in the future following a breakdown in society ruled by gangs. Guy Pearce plays an embittered outsider who is robbed by a gang. In the ensuing fight, Pattinson, one of the gang members is wounded and left behind.

Pearce’s character enlists him to help find the gang so he can get back his possessions, including a car. Director David Michod is best known for his internationally-acclaimed film “Animal Kingdom.”

Filming on “The Rover” wrapped yesterday. But Rob won’t have much downtime. He’s got four other films on tap.

He’ll star in Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” David Cronenberg comedy “Maps to the Stars,” and “Mission Blacklist,” based on a true story about the U.S. military interrogator responsible for tracking down Saddam Hussein

He also recently signed to play a secondary role in the film “Hold Onto Me,” with Carey Mulligan. The film is based on a true story about a femme fatale and her boyfriend, who kidnaps their town’s richest man. Rob will play Mulligan’s lover.

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