Actor Max Irons and Robert Pattinson have been name-dropped for roles in the movie Posh.

Actor Max Irons and Robert Pattinson have been name-dropped for roles in the movie Posh.

Robert Pattinson’s name has surfaced for a role in the film adaptation of Posh, a compelling 2010 English play about a fictional club at an elite English university that becomes embroiled in a tragic scandal. But the rumor is a long shot at best.

A number of gossip websites have dropped his name in conjunction with the film along with Sam Clafin, who just wrapped up shooting on the new “Hunger Games sequel,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

On Friday (Mar. 15), Rob wrapped up a seven-week shoot in the harsh Australian outback on his latest film “The Rover,” with Guy Pearce. But whether he has the time to fit another film into his schedule is problematic.

The London Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye, apparently started the rumor. He also mentions Max Irons, the son of Jeremy Irons and Douglas Booth, who appeared in “Romeo and Juliet.” He also name-drops Pattinson and Clafin.

But The Hollywood Reporter may have the more accurate take on Pattinson. “I think he’s being circled more than he’s circling,” a source told the trade. So far only Irons is confirmed, the site said.

Meanwhile, Rob already has four other films lined up.

He’ll star in Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” David Cronenberg comedy “Maps to the Stars,” and “Mission Blacklist,” based on a true story about the U.S. military interrogator responsible for tracking down Saddam Hussein

He also recently signed to play a secondary role in the film “Hold Onto Me,” with Carey Mulligan. Talk about a dynamic screen couple. The film is based on a true story about a femme fatale and her boyfriend, who kidnaps their town’s richest man. Rob will play Mulligan’s lover.

It’s doubtful he can squeeze in another picture, although Rob is throwing himself into his work these days.

Posh is an enticing story. It’s based on the fictional Riot Club, which is patterned after an elite Oxbridge dining society. Director Lone Sherfig will be jockeying the film.

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