Robert Pattinson and David Michod from The Rover.

Robert Pattinson and David Michod from The Rover.

Robert Pattinson is no “pretty-boy,” says David Michod, the director of Rob’s latest film, a gritty drama, where two men establish a strange dependence to survive the harsh Australian outback in a ruined world.

Pattinson, 26, started filming the movie on January 29 and shooting finally wrapped over the weekend, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The wrap marked the end of seven brutal weeks of filming in the remote town of Marree, about 425 miles north of Adelaide, the nearest big city in South Australia.

The area is hot and dusty with summer temperatures fluctuating between the mid-70s to as high as 122 F. The region has also been under sporadic high wind and brush-fire warnings.

The surroundings were critical to the development of the characters, according to Pattinson. This may be the reason he asked girlfriend Kristen Stewart not to visit. He didn’t want anything to distract him from the harsh environment.

“We are shooting in some of the most haunting and stunning landscapes in the world, and are fortunate to have such an exceptional cast and a truly talented crew,” said Producers Liz Watts and David Linde said.

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His character, Rey, is an American traveling in Australia with his brother. He’s “the kind of person who has been brought up to believe they’re incapable of living independently,” he tells the newspaper. “Someone has always been looking after him.”

Scoot McNairy plays Rey’s brother and Susan Prior, Gillian Jones, Anthony Hayes and David Field also star in the film, according to studio Porchlight Films.

Rey is part of a gang that attempts to rob Eric, a stranger who has few possessions outside of a car. In the ensuing fight, Rey is hurt and left behind. Eric enlists him to track down the gang and they form an unusual bond.

Robert Pattinson’s Rover Filming in Extreme Weather (photo)

“It’s very odd,” says Rob. ”There’s something strange and disturbing about the whole relationship… Almost the first person that comes along, [Rey] grabs them. It doesn’t matter how he gets treated.” Eric roughs up Rey at first, but the two find an equilibrium they can both live with.

Michod, who wrote and directed the critically acclaimed 2010 Australian crime drama “Animal Kingdom” had nothing but praise for Rob, just like Rob’s director in “Cosmopolis,” David Cronenberg. He’s also enlisted Rob for his latest project.

In fact, the director revealed that he had yet to write the part for Rey, until he met Rob, whom he calls “really smart,” in Los Angeles.

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Pattinson was “not the sort of pretty boy I was expecting. As soon as it was time to start testing… he was my first choice by a long way,” says Michod, who confesses he has yet to see a “Twilight” film.

For his part, Rob was surprised he got the role.

“It was an original script and it was one of those parts where you read it and you think, ‘I’d love to do this, but I know I’m never going to get it… already self-defeating before I’ve even started,” he says.

The film now heads to post-production in Sydney. Be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest updates on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart you can trust.