Robin Roberts returned to work just five months after her bone marrow transplant.

Robin Roberts returned to work just five months after her bone marrow transplant.

Robin Roberts, who has waged a very public battle with cancer, allegedly defied her doctors when she returned to work on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She could be putting her health, and possibly her life at risk, according to medical experts.

Roberts’ desire for the spotlight is apparently stronger than her ability to follow doctors’ orders. She returned to work just five months after undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat a cancerous blood disorder.

Her friends are apparently concerned. “Robin’s doctors have laid out the harsh truth for her – she’ll be dead in two years if she doesn’t give up her job and start taking it easy,” a source told The National Enquirer.

At home, out of the limelight, Robin was reportedly depressed. Being back on the set, basking in the public limelight makes her happy, friends say.

Roberts battled breast cancer in 2007 and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. But last year, she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a blood disorder that can be fatal.

Her sister Sally-Ann turned out to be a perfect cell donor match and provided the marrow for the transplant in September. Roberts returned to “GMA” on Feb. 20.

“Robin nearly killed herself to get back on the air in time for the crucial February sweeps, even though her bosses said it wasn’t necessary,” the source said. “Then she pushed herself even further by flying out to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards.”

Other sources contend, however, that Robin is watching herself and easing back into work. “Robin is following her doctors’ advice and monitoring her schedule closely.”

“Good Morning America” is resurgent in the ratings and is now regularly beating the long-dominant “Today Show” among key viewers. “The Today Show” has been struggling since the messy ouster of Ann Curry.