Miley Cyrus shows her stuff in a hot 'twerk' video.

Miley Cyrus shows her stuff in a hot ‘twerk’ video.

Miley Cyrus apparently has had a lot of time on her hands since fiance Liam Hemsworth has been holed up in Australia. She posted a video online dancing a very hot “twerk,” a hip-hop dance. Amber Rose, Pharell Williams and watched it and gave her a shoutout.

Miley, 20, has had some rough sledding recently over her relationship with the Australian film star and she lashed out at the media for spreading lies about her breakup.

Still, Liam had been in Australia while Miley is back in Los Angeles. Some reports said they are in touch with each other, and “The Hunger Games” star arrived back in LA Wednesday.

Miley fanned some tabloid flames while he was gone when she was seen in public without her engagement ring. But she intimated that she was just having it cleaned.

In any event, Miley cuts loose to J Dash’s track “Wop” wearing a grey all-in-one suit with a unicorn hoodie. Judging by the way her assets shook, she didn’t have anything on under it.

The “twerk” is all about shaking and shimmying, and Miley didn’t miss a beat.

“TWERK! Check that unicorn ass out! If only the dinosaur was there :(” Tweeted British model Cara Delevigene,

“check out my homegirl.” added the Black Eyed Peas singer on Twitter. Indeed, check out Miley’s video below and be sure to follow TheImproper on twitter for all the latest updates.