Kanye West is reportedly partying hard in Paris while Kim Kardashian is laid up in LA.

Kanye West is reportedly partying hard in Paris while Kim Kardashian is laid up in LA. (Photo: INFDaily)

Kim Kardashian may have millions, but she may be just another unwed rapper’s baby mama. Kanye West has been spotted partying hard in Paris and flirting with numerous women, while Kim sits at home, fighting to control her runaway weight.

Several reports claim the two haven’t seen each other in weeks, while Kim has been grounded by her doctors and told to rest and stop exercising so much.

She kept up her hectic pace of flying back and forth to Europe and making appearances until she had a health scare. She was rushed to the hospital Mar. 7 after she felt ill and thought she was having a miscarriage. Kim is now distraught over reports of his behavior in Paris. Ah.. the city of love.

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Just before Kim’s miscarriage scare, Kanye was spotted partying in Paris with Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Alba. He’s recording an album there, about as far from Kim as he can get.

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship used to be all about soft music, candlelight dinners and romantic nights together,” a source told The National Enquirer.

“Their romantic relationship has become more like a friendship, and Kim thinks he sees her more as a buddy than a lover,” the source said. “Kim’s no dummy, I think she knows that if she’s not giving him what he wants, he’ll get it elsewhere.”

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She’s dreading the moment and the humiliation if he’s caught in the arms of another woman by ever present paparazzi.

To complicate matters, Kim had to face lawyers for her estranged husband Kris Humphries on Tuesday (Mar. 19). Humphries vowed to be there to “look her in the eyes” while she testified, but was a last-minute no-show. She was grilled for nine hours, according to gossip site TMZ.

Although it wasn’t a game day, Humphries chose to attend his team’s practice in advance of a game on Wednesday (Mar. 20). The trial is set for May 6.

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Between the legal quagmire and her weight, Kim’s stress levels are soaring. She was spotted with a fresh outbreak of psoriasis on her leg, which is often triggered by stress.

“Kim is completely down on herself over the massive amount of weight she’s put on in such a short time,” revealed the insider. “And the more she worries, the more she eats.

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