Lil' Wayne pal Soulja Boy is drawing heat over Sizzurp

Lil’ Wayne pal Soulja Boy is drawing heat over Sizurrp

Rapper Soulja Boy, a Lil’ Wayne pal who is featured on Weezy’s new album, has touched off an uproar after posting party photos online that show a table decked out with fried chicken, plenty of booze and bottles of prescription-only cough syrup used to make sizzurp.

The cough syrup label shows it contains promethazine and codeine the two active ingredients used to make the street concoction.

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The photos surfaced only days after Lil’ Wayne was released from the hospital hospital, after a six-day stay in intensive care, reportedly for overdosing on the syrup.

While Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, is being widely criticized for glamorizing the cough syrup’s misuse, the bigger question is how did he gett his hands on such quantities of the prescription-only medicine.

Soulja Boy Glamorizing Sizzurp?

Lil' Wayne Pal Soulja Boy Blasted for Touting 'Sizzurp' in Photos 1Lil' Wayne Pal Soulja Boy Blasted for Touting 'Sizzurp' in Photos 2Lil' Wayne Pal Soulja Boy Blasted for Touting 'Sizzurp' in Photos 3

In one of the photos, four bottles of Promethazine and codeine are pictured on a table with baggies of pot. Another photo shows two bottles next to a plate of fried chicken and a covered dish. A bar with open bottles is visible in the background.

Mixing the cough syrup with alcohol is a potentially dangerous combination. Wayne was reportedly binging on both when he was found unconscious by an associate. He was taken to the hospital and spent six days in intensive care as reports swirled that he was near death an in an induced coma.

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Wayne was released Monday and made a video thanking all his supporters and demonstrating that he was “better than good.”

Wayne has admitted to a codeine addiction and the drug still appears to be at his ready disposal. “Make that work, work. Make the sh*t flip,” Soulja Boy wrote with one of the photos.

In large quantities promethazine and codeine produce a euphoric high with the potential for hallucinations. But the drugs can cause cardiac arrest and severe liver and kidney damage if taken with alcohol. The is some evidence that Wayne’s hospitalization may have been triggered by a temporary organ failure.

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Twitter criticism came fast and furiously after the photos went viral.

“You’ve been irrelevant 4 a minute so u just tryna get some publicity aka shine while lil Wayne n the news for allegedly almost od’ng on this#idiotboy,” wrote one.

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