Brad Pitt is caught up in the chaos of World War Z with his film family.

Brad Pitt is caught up in the chaos of World War Z with his film family.

Brad Pitt is gearing up for the summer blockbuster season with the release of the second trailer for his zombie epic “World War Z.” Anything less than a huge opening will be a major disappointment for Pitt, who took on this project for reasons known only to himself.

The horror flick has a $125 million budget, gargantuan by genre standards.

But the real irony is that Pitt jumped into the flick right after pronouncing that he planned to cut back on films and focus on working behind the camera producing and writing films that “might not otherwise make it.”

How a zombie epic fits into that career change is anyone’s guess.

The film is getting a big push from those behind the production, Skydance Productions, Hemisphere Media Capital, GK Films and Plan B Entertainment. They rolled out the first trailer last November and dropped a commercial during the Super Bowl.


Director Marc Forster, who counts James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” among his credits, helmed the picture, and Paramount is the distributing it.

The latest trailer includes a new opening. Pitt plays U.N. official Gerry Lane, who races around the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly pandemic that turns people into zombies. He’s shown in a happy family scene waking up to giggling children and cooking breakfast.

The slice of Americana sets the stage for the chaos that quickly follows.

The television is blaring in the background, but no one is paying attention to it except one of the kids. “Daddy, what’s marshal law?” she asks after watching scenes of devastation on the tube.

He makes a daring escape with his family to an aircraft carrier off the coast while zombies ravage the land. It’s nothing short of the end of humanity as zombie hordes take down city after city.

The trailer makes one thing clear, the special effects are pretty phenomenal. The picture opens in June. It was held back from the Christmas release in favor of Tom Cruise’s “Jack Reacher.”

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