Justin Bieber is facing a police investigation for alleged battery.

Justin Bieber is facing a battery investigation for the latest incident of bad behavior involving his neighbor.

Justin Bieber appears to be letting celebrity go to his head. The latest incident involving one of his neighbors is about more than bad behavior. It shows a total lack of consideration for anyone other than himself. Talk about obnoxious.

This time, the teen singer can’t brush off the latest incident as a scrape with the paparazzi or an overly aggressive fan. It’s about his selfish behavior.

The incident reportedly began after a new Ferrari sports car was delivered at Bieber’s house in a posh residential neighborhood in Calabasas, Calif. This morning, he began racing the car up and down the street before 9am.

He apparently was about to let consideration for his neighbors get in the way of what he wanted to do. When the neighbor confronted Bieber, a shouting match ensued, according to gossip site TMZ.

The accuser told police Justin put his hands on him him and threatened him, according to a police report. The way Justin’s security describes the incident, the irate neighbor charged onto Bieber’s property and started off screaming about blowout parties at his house while he’s been overseas.

Justin reportedly ordered the man off his property, and his security team insists there was no physical contact.

Bieber has been pretty generous with his posession when it comes to his tight circle of friends. His pal, Lil’ Twist wrecked Bieber’s Fisker Karma sports car and his white Ferrari, while driving them without Justin along.

So it’s no surprise that his “friends” are taking advantage of him to throw parties at his house while he’s gone.

As for Bieber, he thinks just because he’s a well-liked pop star, he’s entitled to do whatever he wants no matter who it affects. It’s the worst kind of celebrity attitude. If he’s trying to self-destruct, being an obnoxious celebrity is a good way to court a backlash.

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