Kim Kardashian as Ava in Tyler Perry's Temptation. Was she that bad?

Kim Kardashian as Ava in Tyler Perry’s Temptation. Was she that bad?

Kim Kardashian’s hopes for breaking out of reality television and into real movies suffered a setback over the weekend after critics ripped her acting debut in Tyler Perry’s new movie “Temptation.” Was she really that bad?

The movie, billed as a “bold exploration of the intrigue and perils of infidelity, is faring just as poorly.

It’s only received a 16 percent rating on rottentomatoes, which tracks reviews, putting it at the low end of rotten. But 74 percent of the people who saw the film said in a survey they liked it.

The disparity raises at least the suggestion that critics are being unduly harsh on the film and Kim’s acting. But harsh may be an understatement.

“Kim Kardashian, as nasal and awful an actress as you might imagine,” wrote Alonso Duralde on Hollywood trade website The Wrap.

“Adding the no-talent Kim Kardashian to his sass and semonette formula was a mistake. Casting four dull leads was a bigger one,” chimed in Roger Moore Movie Nation.

New York Times critic Andy Webster called “a grating, tone-deaf Kim Kardashian, entertaining for all the wrong reasons.”

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Kardashian was described variously as “vapid,” “vainly trying to act” and unable to “inject the slightest bit of emotion into her steady stream of insults.”

“Let’s just say that the question of whether the celebrity gossip maven can act is answered within 60 seconds of her cold absence of any feeling performance,” wrote Joel D Amos of Moviefanatic.

But amid the outpouring of animus, some critics found the film worthy.

“For rational, sane people it’s bound to be considered one of the worst films of the year, but for seekers of wretched, glorious camp, it may be an instant classic,” wrote blogger William Bibbiani, praising the film with faint damnation.

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And where it really counts, the box office, Kim was a smash. The picture earned a more than respectable $23 million over its opening weekend, according to boxofficemojo., exceeding expectations.

Kim’s fanbase may be partly responsible for the film’s better-than expected debut. The audience was 70 percent female, and most of them, 79 percent, were 25 years of age or older, about on par with most Perry movies. What’s more, they gave the movie an overall, “A-” on CinemaScore.

With numbers like that, you can bet Kim will be back on the big screen before long, although acting lesson wouldn’t hurt. Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest movie news and analysis.