Shain Gandee and his recovered Ford Bronco in background.

Shain Gandee and his recovered Ford Bronco in background.

Shain Gandee, star of the MTV reality show “Buckwild” had been missing for more than 30 hours when one of his acquaintances stumbled upon his Ford Bronco semi-submerged in mud. He check the inside and was shocked by what he saw, according to his call to Emergency Services on 9-1-1.

The caller, who has not been identified, was calm at first when he placed the call at 11:24am. on Monday (Apr. 1).

“I have an emergency, I have three dead people on on top, it’s called Hailey’s Top up Wolfpen,” he said in a clear but anxious voice.

The emergency operator was having a hard time getting directions to the remote location where Gandee, his uncle David Gandee, 48, and a friend, Donald Robert Myers, 27, had gone off-road earlier in the morning in Shain’s Ford Bronco.

“They’re up on a hill in a mud hole in a Bronco; we’ve been looking for them for two days,” the caller said.

The operator asked the man to meet emergency responders at a specific location. At that moment, the man started to break down, realizing what he’d just encountered.

“Oh my god. Oh Jesus, oh God. How many is in there? Is it David and Shain?”

When she asked for their names, he started sobbing. “There stuck in a mudhole.”

“They’re definitely not breathing, correct?” the woman asked.

“No,” he replied, sobbing heavily.

Gandee’s death hit the West Virginia hill community where he lived hard. He and his family were well known to begin with, and his MTV reality show had made him even more popular. He was considered the breakout star from the first season.

He was last seen alive in a Sissonville, W.Va. bar on Saturday night, and called friends at around 3am Sunday morning to let them know he was going “muddin,” one of his favorite pastimes, especially at night.

But Shain’s Ford Bronco became mired in a mud hole and the men apparently decided to wait until morning. Shain apparently left the truck running without realizing the muffler and tailpipe were submerged in the mud. That caused deadly carbon monoxide to leak inside the vehicle.

The deadly fumes were cited as the cause of death for all three men. Check out the 9-1-1 call below. Warning it is emotional.