David Letterman summed up Jay Leno's forced retirement in a word: "crazy."

David Letterman summed up Jay Leno’s forced retirement in a word: “crazy.”

David Letterman has never had much of a warm spot for NBC or Jay Leno since he was passed over for the Tonight Show job way back when. But sympathized with Jay last night on his show.

Letterman must have realized it could have just as easily be him getting the heave-ho.

“I got a call from my mom today,” he deadpanned. “‘Well, David, I can see you didn’t get the Tonight Show, again,'” he in a mimicking voice. “What are you going to do, mom.”

NBC has never had much luck replacing on-air talent seamlessly and it looks like it has another Ann Curry moment on its hands. It confirmed that it plans to replace Leno with Jimmy Fallon when Leno’s contract expires in 2014.

“What could possibly go wrong?” Letterman quizzed. ”Honestly. They had pretty good luck with this in the past.”

He noted that while NBC had announced his official departure date, it had yet to announce when he would return. Leno, you may recall, was replaced by Conan O’Brien, who quit the show rather than see its time slot change. NBC quickly brought Leno back.

The network says Leno, 62, is retiring, but Leno has already let it be known, he’s not ready to go.

“I don’t get this,” said Dave. “I’ve known Jay for 38 years.”

“How many times can a guy be pushed out of a job. And, what’s a matter with NBC. What’s the matter with these guys?” Dave obviously had more questions than answers, just like everybody else.

Check out the video below and also watch Dave’s “Top 10 Things We’ll Miss About Jay Leno.”