Tiger Woods may have more on his mind than golf when he tees up for the Masters.

Tiger Woods may have more on his mind than golf when he tees up for the Masters.

Tiger Woods needs no distractions ahead of the Masters, one of the biggest tournaments of his career, but he’s reportedly caught in a love triangle between his new girlfriend Lindsay Vonn and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Is the old Tiger back?

Tiger’s love life seemed to take an upturn, along with his golf, when he started dating the Olympic skier. At the same time, he won three tournaments and regained his No. 1 world ranking for the first time since his cheating scandal.

He’s the favorite going into the prestigious tournament, which Tiger has won four times. More importantly, it would be his 78th tour win overall, making him the No. 1 all-time golfer, based on individual wins.

That is, if his love life doesn’t distract him from his golf again. Vonn confirmed their relationship on Facebook, Mar. 18. Woods also published a statement. But a new report claims that Woods has renewed his romantic relationship with ex-wife Elin on the side.

“She feels betrayed and believes he is still in love with Elin,” a source close to the golfer told The National Enquirer.

“Lindsey’s not happy at all,” the source claims. “She’s well-aware that Tiger and Elin were having sex while they were discussing the possibility of getting remarried, and in her heart she’s convinced that they’re still at it.”

Woods’ four-year marriage to Elin, who bore him two children, broke down in November 2009 after he crashed his SUV following an argument over text messages Elin found on his phone from New York party girl Rachel Uchitel. The Enquirer had reported the affair two days earlier.

The divorce was finalized on Aug. 2010, but not before more than a dozen women, mostly hookers, porn stars and cocktail waitresses, claimed they had affairs with the golfer during his marriage.

At the behest of kids Sam, 5, and Charlie, 4, Tiger and Elin reportedly tried to patch things up. But the effort was short-circuited when Vonn put the hammer down and demanded to go public with their relationship.

“When Lindsey first posted the big news, Elin went ballistic with rage,” said a source. “She felt like Tiger had betrayed her all over again, begging her to remarry while he was secretly romancing Lindsey behind her back.”

Tiger spent four years trying to repair his life and golf game, after his cheating scandal. How he plays this week in the Masters will say a lot about whether and old puss hound can learn new tricks.