Lindsay Lohan looked miffed last night when Dave brought up rehab.

Lindsay Lohan looked miffed last night when Dave brought up rehab.

Lindsay Lohan looked pretty well put together for someone on her way to court-ordered rehab; even David Letterman noticed when she appeared on the show last night. But Dave was Ming the Merciless, battering her about rehab, stealing and her addictions. Lindsay gave it right back.

If looking well is the best revenge, Lindsay probably was quietly saying I told you so. She had a healthy glow for a chain smoker, thanks to her orange looking spray-on tan.

Viewers got a taste of what Lindsay goes through, when she was shown entering the studio in front of a horde of waiting photographers. She posed for a view moments before entering the studio and pointed out to Dave that she arrived early.

She was there to help promote her latest project “Scary Movie 5,” even though she only has a cameo in the film. But Dave was more interested in other things.

“Well, you look remarkably well,” Dave said, as if he were expecting a train wreck to walk out on the stage. “You know I’ve routinely made jokes about you and activities true and otherwise. You’re aware of that,” he said, before proceeding to read one of his jokes.

“Lindsay Lohan appeared on the ‘Today Show’ this morning. The appearance went well, only one camera is missing,” he read.

“Now do you routinely go around grabbing things?” Dave asked.

Lindsay laughed and revealed that she was going to wear a dress with the tag still on it as a joke, so Dave could cut it off. “Now wait a minute, who said no to that. That’s tremendous,” Dave bellowed.

“But yes, or no, do you steal stuff?” he pressed on.

That seemed to irk Lindsay, but Dave was just getting warmed up.

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Footnote: Watch how Lindsay keeps looking to her right, off camera, during the interview. Was she looking at Paul, or was her momager hovering in the wings? Also what’s with the voice? She sounds like a 45-year-old hooker with that rasp. Lay off the Newports Lindsay.