Shain Gandee was killed while driving off-road after his Ford Bronco became stuck in mud.

Shain Gandee was killed while driving off-road after his Ford Bronco became stuck in mud.

Shain Gandee’s death is producing more repercussions for MTV. The show’s producer lashed out at the cable network today (Apr. 10) for canceling Gandee’s reality show, “Buckwild.”

Four episodes of season 2 have already been shot, and the producer, J.P. Williams, says MTV promised to go forward with the full season, despite tragic accident.

Williams criticized the decision, drawing comparisons to MTV’s other low-brow offering “Teen Mom,” about unwed teenage mothers.

“They’ll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child. But a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living and they cancel the show?” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

What the hell, right? A network known for its trashy, low-brow shows suddenly develops a sense of decency? Bad timing on the part of the “Buckwild” crew.

When Russell Armstrong, husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” maven Taylor Armstrong killed himself in a grisly suicide, did Bravo cancel the show? No way!

When the going gets tough, they tough get going. Bravo worked the death into the season two’s plot line. It’s “reality” television right? The network was criticized, but it made compelling television, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The network that airs mothers abandoning their babies, however, apparently draws the line at death.

Gandee, 21, the breakout star from ‘Buckwild’s’ first season, died from carbon monoxide poisoning after his Ford Bronco got stuck in a mud hole during a late-night off-road excursion, likely while he was drunk.

Williams said the network not only has four shows in the can, it also filmed a special that still may be aired.

Specifically irksome, he said, was a private promise last week to forge ahead with the season two, including a special Gandee tribute. The latter is scheduled to air Sunday, Apr. 14, at 8pm Eastern.

“There was no explanation,” he says. Memo to Williams… call Bravo.

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