Robert Pattinson Confesses: I Have Weird Addiction 1Robert Pattinson, regular fodder for the tabloid press, has even drifted into the mainstream media since his shocking breakup following girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal. But he’s not shying away from the coverage.

In fact, Pattinson, 26, acknowledged that he has read most everything that has been written about the stunning crash and burn of his relationship.

“Yeah, I read it,” he told The New York Times in an interview earlier this week.

“It’s my life. You sort of want to read it. You feel like you need to read it. It’s one of those things where you keep picking a scab. You know you shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s a weird kind of addiction. You desperately want to stop,” he confesses.

Rob also let it be known that he is taking the scandal in stride. “At times, I find the whole thing pretty funny,” he said. “It is pretty funny. My life is kind of ridiculous to me. It’s so absurd at times.”

Pattinson, however, didn’t dwell on his relationship problems, even for The New York Times. The conversation quickly shifted to “Cosmopolis,” the David Cronenberg film about 28-year-old Wall Street Titan Eric Packer.

The final “Twilight” film, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” opens in theaters in November. Summit Entertainment is reportedly still working on the logistics to have Rob and Kristen promote the film, even if they aren’t together.