Rihanna: She Loves Him, She Loves Him Not, She... 1

Rihanna and Chris Brown during better times in 2008.

Rihanna is still thinking out loud over Twitter. She spent a sleepless night in London last night sending out short stream-of-consciousness blurbs about getting her life on track and leaving the “bull sh*t in August.” Then, again…

A number of cheesy gossip sites attribute her every burp on the social media site as a reference to her old beat-down boyfriend Chris Brown.

She’s never that specific, which leaves every little thing she writes open to wide interpretation by sites eager to exploit the love-lorn singer for more manufactured drama and page views.

Rihanna made clear during her recent interview with Oprah that Brown holds a special place in her heart because he was her first “true love.” She also said she feels sorry for him because of the treatment he’s received since the night in 2009 he beat her viciously and fled the scene, leaving her unconscious.

But there was no suggestion that she was getting back with him, although her remarks were interpreted as such by some gossip sites. Last night, however, she seemed to suggest she’s done with the whole drama.

“I left all my bulls*** in August 2012!!!! #nomore****, she wrote and referred to an unnamed persons as “a ****.”

Later Rihanna added a new message to her twitter page. “The day we fell in love, it was so beautiful, his hands his tender touch. I remember the day in September when we fell in love,” it read.

She also added: “You know it’s love when it makes you f***ing crazy.”

So maybe she isn’t over. Brown, who has been dating Vietnamese model Karrueche Tran, reportedly hooked up with Rihanna and spent the night with her on a yacht.

The latest report by the UK’s Look magazine is the strongest evidence yet that Rihanna is back with the boyfriend who beat her unconscious on the eve of The Grammys in 2009.