Liam Hemsworth Goes to War; Gets Girl in New 'Love and Honor' Trailer 1While Miley Cyrus is busy kissing girls, fiancé Liam Hemsworth has been busy getting the girl in his new film “Love and Honor.” A new trailer for the film suggests the Aussie hunk will get plenty of shirtless time and lots of steamy sex scenes.

Co-star Teresa Palmer, 26, also from Australia, plays his love interest in the film about two Vietnam-era soldiers who risk going AWOL, so one can win back the girl of his dreams, played by Aimee Teegarden.

The picture is based on the true story of Dalton Joiner, who secretly returns home from war to win his girlfriend back after getting a “Dear John” letter while overseas. Austin Stowell plays the soldier, while Hemsworth is his best friend Mickey Wright.

The trailer opens with the two hot hunks in a fire fight deep in a Vietnamese jungle. They win a week of leave and Joiner decides he wants to fly home to Michigan to see his girlfriend. They risk going AWOL, but hey, Joiner pops, “military flies for free.” Next thing you know he and his sidekick are on a plane back to the states.

From there, it’s a pure chick flick as the two beefcakes race against time to accomplish their mission. Although the film is a romance, it touches on some of the animus soldiers faced when the country was racked by anti-war sentiment. Ann Arbor was a hot spot for protests.

Of course, Joiner’s ex-girlfriend Jane is engulfed in the protest movement, and her friends treat the two hunks with disdain. But they win them over in the end, and the trailer shows some racy love-making by the lake.

Check it out below: