Emma Watson has become one of the reigning queens of UK fashion. She covers the October Style issue for the UK edition of Glamour magazine. She looks stunningly sensual, among this year’s crop of fashion cover girls.

Fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue go all out for their fall issues because it’s packed with advertising. Each tries to out do the other with high-profile cover models to help newsstand sales.

For celebrities, landing a fashion issue cover is an important ticket to get punched in their careers. It solidifies them as icons and A-Listers.

Who’s Covering Major September Fashion Issues

Ironically, this year’s fashion “It” girl, Lana Del Rey, didn’t make a major magazine. Also missing in action is pop star Rihanna, who made major inroads in fashion this year, repping for Armani. In fact, no woman of color made a major magazine, outside of African-American oriented Essence , which went with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

While Glamour landed Watson, rival Vogue UK went with the edgier Kristen Stewart for their October issue. Both choices show-off the prestige and pulling power of the magazines.

Say what you will about Stewart, her cheating scandal makes her the hottest property in Hollywood at the moment, which makes Vogue UK one of September’s hottest titles. Watson, however, also covers The New York Times style magazine, cementing her as the thinking-man’s icon.

For the major magazines, Hollywood starlets and pop singers are typically the cover models of choice. This year’s crop pretty much rounds up the usual suspects. Among major U.S. magazines, pop stars dominated over Hollywood.

Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar all went the pop star route with Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani on their covers, respectively. Elle magazine went with Katy Perry. Although the magazines pretend to be edgy, the choices are pretty conservative. They’re all clearly last year’s fashion icons.

Oddly, the UK edition of Glamour went with Australian pop star Dannii Minogue in September, while the U.S. edition featured UK fashion icon Victoria Beckham. Does anyone in the U.S. really know Beckham, a former member of UK girl band Spice Girls and the wife of soccer player David Beckham?

Meanwhile, editors at Marie Claire are probably none too happy with Cyrus. She radically changed her look between the time she posed for the cover and the magazine’s debut, making the issue stale as soon as it hit newsstands.

Fashion industry trade magazine W went the Hollywood route with Penelope Cruz, and odd cover choice since her big on-screen splash in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” came out last year. Another example of backward thinking?

Talk about throwbacks, Tattler magazine dipped all the way back to the ’80s to go with former supermodel Cindy Crawford. She’s still hot at 46, and enjoying a bit of a renaissance in modeling this year.

Vanity Fair, which always seems to have its fingers on the pulse of Hollywood and high fashion, picked Hollywood’s Jessica Chastain. The 35-year-old actress also comes off a stellar year on the big screen with films like “The Help,” and “The Tree of Life.”

Not all U.S. fashion editors are stuck in the mud. Cosmopolitan, which seems more obsessed with female orgasms than fashion these days, went with “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale, 23. The U.S. edition of Interview followed suit with an edgy young Hollywooder, Emma Stone. Stone, 23, is also one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses.

But this year’s hottest rising actress, Blake Lively, who is dating Hollywood Hunk Ryan Reynolds, is relegated to far off Aussie Marie Claire. Rival Aussie Vogue stuck close to home with Austrailan actress Bella Heathcote.

Two European trendsetters, Vogue editions in Italy and France went off on different tangents this year. French Vogue, under a new editor, came out with a cleaner, airier redesign and published three covers, featuring supermodels Kate Moss, timed nicely to her London Olympics appearance, Laura Stone and Daria Werbowy.

The UK edition of Vogue also stuck to the fashion world with Karlie Kloss. The 20-year-old American model was this year’s hottest new supermodel.

Italian Vogue went with a thematic cover on “Multifaceted Women,” featuring model Carolyn Murphy, who was more prop than proper cover model.

The award for odd-ball choices goes to New York magazine. It went with Kim Kardashian. The reality show star, who let boyfriend Kanye West toss her wardrobe last month, looks more like a hooker than ever now that the rapper is dressing her. What kind of style icon is that?

Check out the covers and let us know your favorite.