Paparazzi Taunt Kristen Stewart Over Rupert Sanders Affair (watch!) 1Kristen Stewart kept a straight face and showed little motion for the trip to the Toronto International Film Festival. But she flashed her solidarity with cuckolded boyfriend Robert Pattinson by wearing his tee-shirt.

The Twilight star, 22, wore Rob’s Irie white tee with a burgundy leather biker jacket and jeans. She acted like Public Enemy No. 1 on arrival, wearing big, black-framed geek glasses and iPod earplugs, obviously designed to drown out any catcalls.

She was spotted stepping off a plane at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to help promote one of the most-anticipated festival films, “On the Road,” the adaptation of Jack Keroauc’s ’50s era coming-of-age book by the same name.

Kristen must be expecting the worst during her first public appearance since the explosion of her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders. Pattinson promptly moved out of their California love nest after he was blindsided by the affair.

Whether she’ll get questions about the affair on the red carpet or at media sessions remains to be seen, but the paparazzi didn’t hesitate to bring it up. The yelled questions about her affair as she left LAX airport. “Hey, Kristen, Do you know that married dude?” one shouted.

“Kristen, did Rob forgive you?” shouted another. “Did Rob forgive you, Kristen?”

“Why did you cheat on him?” yelled yet another. ”

Trying desperately to get her attention, someone else yelled “Home wrecker!”

Stewart, however, never looked up or turned her head. Hard to believe she flew commercial. Check out the video below.