Kim Kardashian Falls Flat at DNC After-Party Club Opening 1

Kim Kardashian and pals enjoying the private plane flight on club owner’s dime.

Woe to the club owner who paid big bucks, including the cost of a private jet, so Kim Kardashian could host a club opening in Charlotte, N.C. during the Democratic National Convention. Kim was chopped liver among the policy wonks and delegates.

Her appearance at Charlotte’s latest nightlife venue, Club Hush, drew less than 50 people, according to radaronline. Kardashian usually gets paid substantial “appearance fees” plus expenses for such events.

She attended Fashion Night Out in New York yesterday (Sept. 6) before making a big deal about jumping on a private jet with her hanger on Jonathan Cheban, Rachel Roy and another pal for the flight to Charlotte.

That must have cost the club at least $15,000 alone to lease the plane for the round trip. Kim tweeted a photo of the group chowing down on Wendy’s during the flight. “This is how we do… private plane and Wendy’s! DNC party here we come

The party started after DNC activities ended for the night, and the club was obviously hoping to draw conventioneers from the Time Warner Cable Arena, gossip site radaronline reported.

“It’s that kinda night!” Kim Tweet at the empty club. “This place IS empty” yelped the singer in the bad, while Kim looked on. The reality star and her posse left after about two hours. No word on the club owner’s reaction.