Taylor Swift Unveils New Song at Cancer Telethon (watch!) 1

Taylor Swift unveiled her new song “Ronan,” written for a young cancer victim, at the 2012 Stand Up To Cancer telethon. She was inspired to write the song after the 3-year-old boy died.

Swift, 22, who is better known for her rowdy ex-boyfriend bashing songs, sang to the accompaniment of a lone guitar and seem visible moved by the rendition.

Swift, who is dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son, Conor Kennedy, first learned about Ronan after reading a blog post by her mom Maya Thompson. Swift wrote the song with her and gave her a co-writing credit.

“Stand Up to Cancer” aired Friday night (Sept. 7) on all the major networks and cable channels.

Swift was joined by Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Timberlake and other celebrities.

The song is available on iTunes and all the proceeds will go to cancer research. Check out her performance below.