The “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” trailer Robert-Pattinson introduced at the MTV Video Music Awards has been expanded to just over two minutes with new footage by studio Summit Entertainment. It features even more vampires!

The previous trailer, which ran for a minute and 24-seconds, was released with great fanfare at the MTV awards show yesterday (Sept. 6) by Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone.

The new trailer, released tonight (Sept. 7) runs for two-minutes, 15-seconds. While it’s essentially the same as the MTV clip, it has a few interesting new scenes that highlight other vampires.

Casey LaBow is featured in a scene as Kate, a member of the Denali coven who has the ability to run an electric current on her skin. She can deliver a devastating shock to anyone who touches her.

There’s also a cool shot of Rami Malek as Benjamin, the mate of Tia. He has the ability to control the elements of nature, air, earth, fire and water and makes a big splash.

The ultra cool ending is still there too. Edward and Bella do a little tag team to take out a Volturi. Check out the clip below and follow TheImproper on Twitter here for more Twilight updates.