Kim Kardashian Major Photoshop Fail in Nuts Magazine (photos) 1

Kim Kardashian is so heavily photoshopped she looks like a cartoon caricature of herself in UK lad magazine Nuts, which puts her on the cover of its latest issue. Kim also tells the mag she’s proud of her sex tape.

Kim is known for packing big breasts and an over-sized derriere on her pert five-foot, two-inch frame. Except for rare occasions when she was starving herself, she’s always been a thick girl.

But the editor’s of Nuts took care of that. The magazine says it’s publishing “Kim Kardashian’s Rudest Pics.” That may be so, but the promo photos make Kim look like she’s a cardboard cutout.

Kim Kardashian’s Digital Makeover (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
Kim Kardashian Major Photoshop Fail in Nuts Magazine (photos) 2Kim Kardashian Major Photoshop Fail in Nuts Magazine (photos) 3Kim Kardashian Major Photoshop Fail in Nuts Magazine (photos) 4Kim Kardashian Major Photoshop Fail in Nuts Magazine (photos) 5

What’s more, Kim told the magazine she now has no regrets about her sex tape, according to a cover headline. If true, she directly contradicts what she told Oprah in a confessional interview in June. Then, it was all regrets.

But that’s not the only misdirection.

In one full-body image, Kim’s skin is the color of café au lait, a milky smooth caramel color and flawless from head to toe. Her legs have been slimmed and her thunder thighs are gone. Her hips are tiny and yet still dive into her mid-section Kim hasn’t look this slim in years, if ever.

Her arms are thin and toned. Her breasts are ample but not out of proportion to the rest of her body. He face looks like it’s been elongated and slimmed.

Kim is as close to perfection as it’s possible to get in a close up shot as well.

Nuts is no paragon of editorial virtue. It’s basically known for publishing photos of topless women with large breasts for the lads who buy it. So it might be hard to argue that it’s going to give Kim’s legion of young fans self-esteem issues like a spread in a fashion magazine might.

But it’s hard to fathom why the magazine would run such an idealized photo spread of anyone, let alone someone like Kim, who has one of the most recognizable bodies in the world.

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