Leighton Meester Hot-to-Trot Sex With Older Man (watch!) 1Gossip Girl Leighton Meester stars in “The Oranges,” one of her hottest films yet. She seduces an older man, Hugh Laurie, in a newly released red-band new trailer about suburban dysfunction.

The film, which premiered last year at recently concluded Toronto International Film Festival, also stars Catherine Keener, Adam Brody and Alia Shawkat.

Meester will be acting out an affair on=screen that has some awkward parallels with Young Hollywood contemporary Kristen Stewart.

Leighton Meester Classy, Sexy in UK Cosmo

Leighton Meester Hot-to-Trot Sex With Older Man (watch!) 2Leighton Meester Hot-to-Trot Sex With Older Man (watch!) 3Leighton Meester Hot-to-Trot Sex With Older Man (watch!) 4

She had a real life affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders, 20 years her senior, and cuckolded boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

In the movie, Meester plays prodigal daughter Nina Ostroff, who returns after five years to her family’s New Jersey home for Thanksgiving. Next door neighbors David and Paige Walling (Laurie and Keener) have a son who would be perfect for her. But she’s hot for daddy.

Both couples are in stale marraiges, so David and Nina begin an affair that causes all hell to break loose when they’re discovered. The film looks hilarious, judging by the newly released trailer, and Meester is beyond hot.

She recently posed in UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine in a sexy backless dress. Although she very forward in the movie, Meester says she quite shy in real life.

“It probably comes off as not very nice or just plain weird! It’s not meant to,” she says. “I try to pull myself out of it but sometimes it’s hard for me to open up. In the past it was easier for me to trust people,” she said.

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Footnote: Although it’s a red-band trailer there is no nudity, only mild swearing and sexual situations.