Kristen Stewart definitely appears to have had a fling with Rupert Sanders; otherwise why the public apology to ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson? But the photos of her with Sanders that ignited the cheating scandal have come under question.

A YouTube video examines the scene of the crime so to speak and concludes that photos of Kristen and Rupert nuzzling together outside her car are fake.

“Some of pics in the car are real but ALL of outside of the car are fake,” the anonymous poster claims. “The cameraman made that fence look big by the trick of the telephoto lens. We fell into a trap easily.”

Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos; Real or Fake?

The photos were published by Us Weekly in July, and touched off a firestorm among Twi-hard fans. Some condemned Kristen while others steadfastly defended her and questioned the validity of the press reports.

The YouTube video is unlikely to change any opinions, especially since Kristen and Rupert have both confessed that they were involved in an affair. Pattinson has since moved out of their house and the couple has shown no signs of reconcilation, despite all the tabloid speculation.

Still, the video raises some interesting questions. One over-riding question is why Kristen was so clumsy to be seen apparently embracing Sanders in broad daylight in a very public place.

On the other hand, some bloggers claim the whole thing was just a publicity stunt to heighten interest in the films and careers of those involved. But toying with the emotions of fans like that would be an even bigger abomination.

Check out the video below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more updates on Rob and Kristen.

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