Kate Middleton, Prince William Reactions to Topless Photos Differ 1Kate Middleton is taking the brouhaha over her topless photos in stride, but not so Prince William. He’s angrily demanding criminal charges against the photographer and the French magazine that printed them. Who’s got the right approach?

Officially, the royal couple were said to be shocked and livid over what they consider a gross invasion of privacy, a position echoed by Buckingham Palace.

But privately Kate reportedly urged William and the royal family not to lodge a protest or make a big deal out of the photos, according to UK press reports. She argued the the whole matter would blow over in a day or two, if there were no official reaction.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published

Kate Middleton, Prince William Reactions to Topless Photos Differ 2

Kate Middleton is caught in a royal uproar over topless photos of her published in France. They follow publication of nude photos of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas. Click the photo to see Kate topless.

Obviously she was overruled. William is said to be particularly incensed and wants to pursue the matter in court. “I want them jailed,” he reportedly demanded to aides, according to London’s Sunday Mirror.

“It’s part of a very long-standing and heartfelt position by the Duke and Prince Harry, given their past, to do everything they can to protect themselves,” a spokesman for the Duke of Cambridge said. “They’ve always said they don’t have an issue with the mainstream media just doing their job, but they have always had an issue with paparazzi whose work intrudes on their privacy.”

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But just how much of their conduct occurred in private? According to a photographer who was saw and photographed the royal couple at the sprawling estate, both were clearly visible from a nearby public road. Other public areas were even closer, and a number of local people in the area could seem them, said the photographer, who did not take any topless pictures.

If the public had a clear view of the Duke and Duchess, the royal couple had to be able to see them, too. Then why were they so cavalier about their state of dress, or undress?

Lawyers for the palace have filed a lawsuit in France to prevent further publication of the photos. But that’s just one of the questions that are sure to arise in any legal proceeding, which raises another point. The case against Closer magazine isn’t stopping Italian magazine Chi from publishing 50 photos from the shoot in its latest edition. Two American publications may also publish photos.

Legal wrangling could also drag out the story for weeks if not months, pitting press freedom against royal privilege. William and Kate could both be called to testify in what surely would be a spectacle.

Meanwhile, the couple continued their tour of Southeast Asia.

“Their royal highnesses are feeling upbeat, they are enjoying the tour and they will not in any way allow what has happened in France to overshadow the tour and their work on behalf of the Queen,” a palace source told People. The tour is part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign.

During their tree-climbing adventure, William made light of his wife’s photo scandal. “Girls don’t have the same wardrobe malfunctions as men do,” he joked. “I hope I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

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