Jennifer Aniston has been rumored to be pregnant more times than she can probably count, so why not have a little fun with it? The former “Friends” star shows off her secret life in a new video spoof for Smartwater.

Aniston, 43, is nearing the midnight hour on her biological clock, but in the spoof she has two children and she’s pregnant with triplets.

The footage is supposed to be a leak from a security camera system in her house, and Ryan Seacrest adds a sheen of authenticity when he opens the video as if he’s hosting a celebrity gossip show.

“Some breaking news now,” he intones. “Jennifer Aniston’s home security tapes leaked online by an unknown source. From inside the actresses home, shocking revelations.

Aniston goes about her daily routine which includes wrecking her new car in the driveway, and shrugging it off as she walks back into the garage. The shapely star is picked up next by the kitchen cam. She lifts her blouse, unwinds a torso-size elastic band and breathes a sigh of relief.

“Oh god, it’s so hot out there,” she bemoans. After a few gasps and moans, she pulls off the band and reveals her protruding stomach. “How are my little triplets doing. They must be so thirsty,” she says.

Of course, bottles and six-packs of smartwater are strategically placed in camera range in just about every scene.

Jimmy Kimmel makes a cameo appearance as her infantile son and her second child, who’s wearing an alien costume. But in the weirdest scene of all, Jen is capture in her bathroom, whipping off her trademark hair to reveal a frizzy mess of curls. She walks into her bedroom where she has a wig for every day of the week.

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