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Kristen Stewart needs a reality check. She comes off sounding pretentious and condescending in a new interview with the German edition of Glamour magazine. Or, maybe it’s the translation.

Stewart, 22, looks like a million dollars, of course, but she makes some startling assumptions about herself that suggest she’s totally self-absorbed or extremely narcissistic.

While those two traits are certainly abundant in Hollywood, Stewart is the one who portrays herself as anti-Hollywood. Yet, she has no problem putting herself on an artistic pedestal.

Who is she, Jerry Lewis?

Kristen Stewart Delicious in Glamour Mag
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“I would never work with people who aren’t really creative and aren’t committed to what they do,” she told the magazine. “[T]hose people… are f**king everywhere, and they try to suck the soul out of you.”

And that would be? Is there anyone doing even remotely creative work who isn’t fully committed to what they do? Or, was her soul-sucking remark aimed at “Snow White and the Huntsman Director Rupert Sanders?

Kristen takes it for a given, of course, the she is an “artist,” while “Twilight” must be one of those soul-sucking projects she vows to avoid–now that the film has made her fantastically wealthy.

“Thank God, I had the opportunity to do smaller movies like ‘The Runaways,’ ‘Welcome to the Rileys,’ and ‘On the Road’ in between [shooting the Twilight films]. Otherwise I’d probably have turned mad,” she says.

“Twilight” was wildly popular and vaulted her to international acclaim, but that says nothing about her acting, which has been mostly panned by film critics.

Meanwhile, none of her other films were wildly successful, commercially or critically. The jury is still out on the adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel, but early reviews coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival are decidedly mixed.

In “Snow White and the Huntsman,” she had so little dialogue she seemed like a secondary character. Chris Hemsworth, as the Huntsman, and Charlize Theron, as the evil queen, carried the film. Stewart was barely more than eye-candy. No wonder the studio is actually thinking about cutting her out of the sequel.

And what does she have against makeup? She wears it often enough. “I would never do a makeup campaign, even though the [final] photos with me would probably look good. Thank you, but it doesn’t interest me,” she said. (But repping a perfume is cool?)

Tell that to makeup artists, who routinely create incredible movie characters, or help people hide serious scars and blemishes so they feel good enough about themselves to be seen in public.

Far from being an “artist,” Stewart is really still an apprentice actress with a lot of work ahead of her just to match the talents of other contemporaries. In the meantime, can someone please tell her to do a little work on herself?