Lindsay Lohan Security Video May Clear Her of Fault in Accident (watch) 1Lindsay Lohan claims she was set up when a man charged that she ran into him while pulling into a New York Hotel parking garage, and a new security camera video suggests the she may be telling the truth.

The video, obtained by gossip site TMZ, clearly shows the man walking quickly to get into the path of Lindsay’s black Porsche Cayenne as she slowly maneuvered her car toward the parking garage entrance.

A man in a plaid shirt, purportedly Manhattan cook Jose Rodriguez, can be seen walking briskly across the screen to position himself near the front of the car.

While the video is obscured and inconclusive when it comes to the actual point where Rodriguez claims he was hit by the car, he can be seen running, yes, running, after the Porsche as it enters the garage. Rodriguez later claimed he suffered leg injuries.

The video does not show Lindsay stopping the car to check for damage, nor does it show one of her companions doing the same, as Rodriguez claimed.

The man was transported to the hospital, treated and released. He called police and Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor charge, when she left the hotel.

New York is full of people who try to feign injuries by claiming to have been hit by a car. They usually single out expensive, exotic cars, knowing the owner is likely rich and willing to settle rather than go through a lengthy court process.

For her part, Lohan claims she did not hit the man, and was not drinking as the man claimed. Police have not charged her with any alcohol related offense.

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