Lindsay Lohan First Look as Elizabeth Taylor in New Promo (watch!) 1Lindsay Lohan sure looks the part of Elizabeth Taylor in a new promo for her upcoming Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick.” But there’s only a brief shot of her uttering any dialogue so it’s hard to tell if she’ll be convincing in the role.

Lohan signed onto the movie hoping it would spark a career turnaround, after spending the last four years mostly fighting charges stemming from a 2007 drunk driving arrest.

“She drinks, she fights, she fornicates,” says a voice-over in the 28-second clip. The part seems fitting. Taylor’s life was almost as chaotic as Lohan’s.

The promo shows Lohan in various guises as the National Velvet movie star, all suggesting Taylor’s opulent lifestyle, from diamonds and kissing in a pool, to temper tantrums throwing bottles. The movie will have more than a few racy scenes, even though it’s made for television.

In her only snippet of dialogue, Lohan as Taylor is confronted about her growing list of marriages. “You’ve just ended your fourth marriage,” she scolded.

“Who’s counting?” Lohan replies, not entirely convincingly.

Taylor, who died in March 2011, was married eight times in all, twice to Richard Burton, who is played by Grant Bowler.

Taylor was married to Burton for ten years from March 1964 to June 1974, after engaging in a long affair while married to others. Sixteen months after divorcing Burton, they remarried again from Oct. 1975 to July 1976.

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