Kanye West Sex Tapes Leave Kim Kardashian Red Faced 1

Photo: (INFDaily)

Kanye West’s sex tape obsession, including two of his own, has thrust Kim Kardashian back into the limelight for her own embarrassing video romp with a former boyfriend.

Kim has been trying to distance herself for years from the tape she made in 2003 with then-boyfriend William Ray Norwood Jr., also known as rapper Ray J.

The tape went commercial in 2007 after it leaked onto the Internet. Kim initially tried to block its distribution as West is doing now, but signed off on the deal for a reported $5 million.

Since then, she’s tried to portray herself as a respectable business woman with an empire that includes her reality television shows, fashion botiques, fragrances and endorsements.

But now she’s back in the spotlight for one of the more tawdry moments in her past. Lawyers for West have confirmed that the latest sex tape is real. West’s female partner is either Kardashian, or a look-a-like, according to various media reports.

Portions of the tape or screen captures from it have leaked online, and West has been scrambling to contain their spread. West’s lawyer has sent letters to several Web sites demanding that they take down the photos or video snippets.

It’s unclear, however, whether West is trying to protect the 20-minute tape for a potential sale to a distributor, or whether he just doesn’t want it to be seen. The tape could be worth millions of dollars.

West claims the video was stolen from his computer along with a second video that is 40 minutes long. Both, he said, were made several years ago, according to gossip site TMZ. The tapes are being shopped to media outlets by a third party.

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