Lindsay Lohan Chain Smoking Taking Toll on Her Health 1Lindsay Lohan is rarely seen without a cigarette in her hand. She smokes almost non-stop and it’s finally catching up with her. The Liz & Dick star was hospitalized last night after suffering difficulty breathing.

Lohan, 26, was taken to an emergency room in New York City in distress and was reported to be suffering from a lung infection.

She was reportedly diagnosed with a case of “walking pneumonia,” according to gossip site TMZ. That’s a common term used for severe lung congestion that progresses beyond a simple head cold or the flu.

She obviously was having trouble breathing to the point she sought medical treatment.

Although Lohan is only 26, she is likely suffering from early stages of emphysema after years of heavy, almost non-stop smoking. Late UK singer Amy Winehouse, also a heavy smoker and crack user, was diagnosed with early stage emphysema when she was only 26.

Lohan was treated with antibiotics at Mount Sinai Hospital and released, the Web site reported.

The Mean Girls star has also been partying almost non-stop during her stay in New York City, which likely exacerbated her condition by lowering her resistance to infection

Acute bronchitis can develop from other respiratory infections, such as a common cold, while chronic bronchitis is a more serious condition caused by consistent lung irritation, often due to cigarette smoking, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Lohan is reportedly resting at her hotel.