Kristen Stewart’s new movie “On the Road” is inspiring a new retro fashion trend. It capitalizes on the free spirited look and feel of the Jack Kerouac novel, which helped define the Beat Generation in the 1950s and later the counterculture movement.

The photo spread is featured in the upcoming issue of Glamour Germany that features Stewart on the cover.

Models Chelsea Schuchman, Connor Stanley and Charles Davis are stand-ins for Stewart and co-stars Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund.

Kristen Stewart’s On the Road Style

Photographer Paul Jasmin shot the trio in classic “On the Road” poses, including the already iconic scene with Stewart, Hedlund and Riley naked, in the front seat of the automobile. Like Stewart, Chelsea is glancing seductively over her shoulder.

In the scene, Stewart’s character Marylou simultaneously gives the boys hand jobs. The concept is to capture the adventurous style of the beat generation and Kerouac’s epic road trips. Kai Margrander styled the shoot.

The movie premiered at Cannes Film Festival and was also shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. It chroicles Kerouac’s Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, fictionalized characters representing himself and sidekick Neal Cassidy, on a cross-country trip in the late 1940s.

Stewart plays Moriarty’s teenage love interest, who marries him briefly. Kristen Dunst also stars as Camille, Moriarty’s first wife.

Brazilian director Walter Salles helmed the film. It has received mixed reviews so far, but is highly anticipated. It will hit theaters and video on demand on Dec. 21.