Ashley Greene Olivia Wilde

Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde star in the ensemble comedy ‘Butter (Photo by Samantha Chang)

Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene joked about the intricacies of butter carving during a press conference to promote their new film, “Butter,” at SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel in NYC on Sept. 27.

When asked why they agreed to the quirky indie film, Garner, 40, Wilde, 28, and Greene, 25, all cited the unusual and interesting storyline.

The film, which was directed by British filmmaker Jim Field Smith and written by Jason A. Micallef, explores the theme of suburban angst in the Midwest set against the backdrop of a butter-carving competition.

Wilde plays bad-girl stripper, Brooke, who enthralls Greene’s character Kaitlin Pickler, the daughter of uptight Laura Pickler (Garner) and Bob Pickler (Burrell), the reigning butter-carving champion in a small Iowa town. The ambitious Laura hopes to pick up the crown surrendered by her retiring husband and wear it into the governor’s mansion, even the White House.

Greene and Wilde have a particularly hot scene. After lamenting her bleak suburban existence, Ashley’s character makes a move on Wilde’s character by offering to play a sexy game of Truth or Dare.

The ensemble comedy, which also stars Ty Burrell, Rob Corddry, Alicia Silverstone and Hugh Jackman, is about sex, power, greed and politics played out against the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

“Butter” is currently available On Demand on cable television and hits theaters Oct. 5. Click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more celebrity and movie updates.