Actor Johnny Lewis May Have Been High on Deadly Designer Drug 1Actor Johnny Lewis who went berzerk and killed his 81-year-old landlord, beat three others and died in a fall from a rooftop, may have been taking a relatively new designer drug that causes hallucinations.

It will take an autopsy and toxicology tests to determine what, if anything, Lewis was on when he went on his bizarre spree on Wednesday (Sept. 27) in the posh Loz Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Police sources say investigators are trying to determine whether Lewis may have been under the influence of a drug known as C2-I. It’s a a new designer drug and may not be currently illegal. On the street, it is known as “smiles.” It’s said to be hallucinogenic, like LSD.

It’s typically sold in pills or ass powder and sometimes mixed with other substances, such as chocolate, before it’s eaten. It’s unknown whether the drug is related to bath salts, another cheap high that is known to cause violent, bizarre behavior, delusions and extreme paranoia.

In Miami Fla., Rudy Eugene, a divorced, 31-year-old homeless man, chewed off the face of another homeless man while high on bath salts in May. He was naked at the time and was shot dead by police who were unable to subdue him.

More than 300 people required some kind of medical attention for taking the cheap drug in 2010, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. The number jumped to 6,138 last year, more than 20-fold rise.

Kurt Sutter, who worked with Lewis on his last television gig, “Sons of Anarchy” tweeted that the actor “unfortunately had lost his way.”

“It was a tragic end for an extremely talented guy,” Kurt Sutter wrote. “i wish i could say that i was shocked by the events last night, but i was not. i am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown in his destructive path.”

Lewis, who either fell to his death or committed suicide, was in police custody a week before the incident, but was released despite being convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and burglary in August, according to the Los Angeles Times. He could have been jailed for up to four years.

He was released from Los Angeles County jail five days prior, despite two convictions in August that earned sentences of significant jail time, online jail records showed.

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