Crazy Robert Pattinson Fan Gets Slobbery Souvenier 1Robert Pattinson has had some strange fan encounters ever since the “Twilight” film franchise vaulted him to international fame. Legions of girls would do almost anything to get a piece of him. And one did, sort of.

Pattinson, 26, was chowing down at the famed celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont (so much for wanting to remain incognito), doing his best to remain unobserved.

He was wearing pulled over his face a black baseball cap. Unfortunately ex-girlfiend Kristen Stewart still has his fave Orioles hat, so it wasn’t that one. Nonetheless, a woman described in her mid-20s by gossip columnist Mike Walker figured out who he was.

She sideled up to his table and “begged prettily” for an autograph, Walker writes in The National Enquirer. “Rob was polite, but made it clear he didn’t want to be bothered and went back to his lunch,” he added, citing a witness.

After Pattinson left, the fan beat the busyboys to the table and grabbed the water glass Rob had used and “stuffed it in her bag.”

Rob has often talked about bizarre fan encounters. More than one fan has aske him to bite them. And after “Twilight: New Moon” debuted, he told Ellen DeGeneres a woman began stripping after he said it would get his attention.

“I was like, um, just take your clothes off,” he recounted. The woman did just that peeling off her clothes until security intervened and stopped her.

One of Rob’s weirdest encounters involved a mother who wanted a picture of her infant with Rob. During an interview at Comic Con last year, Rob said he didn’t know what to do… so put a vampire bite on the baby.

“You bit the baby?” asked Kristen incredulously, who was sitting with him.

Yeah,” Rob replied.

That’s so weird,” Kristen said.

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