Brooke Shields Furious Over Pot Smoking Twitter Photo (See It) 1

Brooks Shields today, and as she looked at 18 in 1983 (inset).

Brooke Shields was a child star who grew up in the maelstrom of the 1970s and 1980s, and a photo that popped up on Twitter yesterday shows she was a free-sprited teen who knew how to handle a marijuana pipe. But is it really her?

Shields, 47, expressed her anger today (Sept. 28) at the photo and insisted the woman hitting a pot pipe sitting next to a man identified as H.R, front man for punk band Bad Brains, is not her.

Shields grew up in Hollywood and caused an uproar in 1978 when she played a child prostitute in the movie “Pretty Baby.” She was 13 at the time.

Brooke Shields Hits Pot Pipe; Or Does She?

Brooke Shields Furious Over Pot Smoking Twitter Photo (See It) 2

Brooke Shields is angrily denying that a woman smoking pot in a twitter photograph is her. Check out the photo and let us know your thoughts. Click to enlarge.

But she was always portrayed as someone who didn’t touch drugs during an era when just about everyone coming of age experimented with pot. The photo was posted by David Hill wrote: “Here is a photo of Brooke Shields smoking pot with H.R”

Brooke would have still been a teen-ager when the photo was taken and the woman looks age appropriate. H.R is now 56 and a Rastafarian, who considers pot a god-given right.

Ironically, her mother made headlines when she revealed that she kept her daughter straight by offering to allow her to use drugs. I don’t know if it’s reverse psychology, but my mom would say, “You wanna do drugs? Fine. Do them. Just do me a favor. Let me do ’em with you,” she told Nylon magazine.

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