Kate Middleton Shockingly Indiscreet in New Topless Photos 1Kate Middleton was shockingly indiscrete while sunbathing topless at the sprawling French estate of her uncle. She was fully nude, even though she had to know radom people had a clear view of her at the time, according to new photos.

Some of the photos, including one showing the Duchess of Cambridge in full-frontal nudity were publised by Danish gossip magazine Se og Hør ( translation See & Hear).

Although the publication did not post the photos online, scans of its magazine have made their way to the Web and reveal the shocking photos. The magazine published 60 photos out of 240 that it viewed, according to editor-in-chief Carina Loefkvist.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published

Kate Middleton Shockingly Indiscreet in New Topless Photos 2

Kate Middleton is caught in a royal uproar over topless photos of her published in France. They follow publication of nude photos of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas. Click the photo to see Kate topless.

Although Prince William has gone to court and won an injunction in France preventing further publication or sale of the photos in that country, the topless shots have still found their way to other publications in other countries.

So far, magazines in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Belgium have published one or more of the photos, according to Loefkvist, who played down the significance of the nudity.

A photographer who was at the scene taking photos, but not of Kate topless, said the royal couple were in clear view of a public road and a public area closer to the estate that was being used by numerous members of the public.

Kate has been photographed in skimpy bikinis before, while vacationing in the Mediterranean while she was dating the Prince. Since their marriage, the royal couple had been more discreet until the French photos surfaced.

The topless photos were taken of Kate and Prince William while they were vacationing at the Chateau D’Aulet, a sprawling 640-acre estate in Provence, France, owned by the Queen’s nephew.

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