Justin Bieber Kicks Off Believe Tour; Gets Sick On Stage (watch) 1Justin Bieber proved he is a trouper. He went forward with a concert on Saturday night in Arizona, even though he was possibly suffering from the flu, a hangover, or some bad food. Score one for bad food.

Whatever the case, the teen sensation vomited right in the middle of a song, “Out of Town Girl” during the performance.

The scene was caught on video and is going viral on the Internet. Justin at least had the presence of mind to turn his back to the audience while he retched.

He obviously wasn’t feeling well before taking the stage. His backup dancers helped the unsteady singer down some steps just before the incident.

Justin sprinted off-stage after the incident, but returned after five or ten minutes later and made light of the situation. “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” he shouted out to fans while continuing the show.

Afterward, Bieber blamed the incident on food. “Milk was a bad choice! Lol,” he tweeted.

Bieber has had more than one incident while touring. He threw up during a concert in the Philippines last year and he bumped his head during another performance that caused him to black out backstage.

The show kicked off his Believe Tour in support of his new album. The tour has been rocked by controversy because Bieber’s management team, and indirectly Bieber himself, has been selling tickets to scalpers to make huge profits off his fans.

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