Lindsay Lohan Could Be Charged for False Fire Alarm, Police Report 1Lindsay Lohan could be charged by police for pulling a false fire alarm and filing a false police report. Both are crimes in New York and Lindsay may be exposed after police dismissed her complaint against Christian LaBella a Republican staffmember on Capitol Hill.

The “Mean Girls” star claimed that LaBella grabbed her in a New York hotel room after she confronted him for allegedly taking cellphone photos in her hotel room early Sunday morning (Sept. 30).

Lohan, through a rep, said LaBella, 25, of Valley Village, Calif., threw her on the bed and scratched her hands. Lohan allegedly ran out of the room and when she returned LaBella allegedly attacked her. She said she was choked and thrown to the ground and that a friend had to pull him off her.

In addition, several of Lindsay’s friends were supposedly in the room at the time the photos were taken. A rep for Lohan said LaBella had as many as 50 photos in his phone. After the second confrontation, Lohan pulled a fire alarm in the hotel.

So there was the phone as evidence and supposedly eye witnesses. Yet police decided to drop the charges and void the arrest after determining that they could not substantiate the claim. For his part, LaBella said he didn’t take photos in Lindsay’s room.

That raises the question over whether anything actually happened. If not, Lohan could be charged with filing a false police report and illegally pulling a fire alarm. It’s not unheard of.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Dion Lewis was arrested in July, after he and his brother allegedly pulled a false fire alarm at an Albany, N.Y. hotel, according to NBC10 in Philadelphia.

Pulling a false alarm is a felony in New York state, and doing so in a hotel is an aggravating circumstance because it puts other guests in jeopardy. A hotel rep told The New York Post, no guests were evaculated.

Falsely reporting an incident to police is also a serious felony, depending on the circumstances. Lohan could face up to four years in prison, if she is a convicted felon. She is on probation for pleading no contest to a jewlery store theft, so there could be consequences.

Lohan is also facing charges for hit-and-run filed by a man who claimed Lohan hit him with her car and did not stop outside a New York hotel earlier this month.

As things now stand, LaBella and Lohan are supposedly filing harassment complaints with police against each other, according to gossip site TMZ.

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