Playboy's Jenny McCarthy Reveals Life of Sex, Drugs, Debauchery 1

Playboy sweetheart Jenny McCarthy reveals a nasty streak in her new autobiography that includes sex, drugs and debauchery while working for Hugh Hefner as a playmate in her early 20s. Oddly, Hef claims he strictly prohibits illegal drug use by bunnies.

But not according to McCarthy, 39. In her book “Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic,” she details her plunge into drug use while wearing the bunny ears, including a nasty Vicodin addiction.

“Holding up drugs in front of a group of Playmates was like holding up an arm to a cannibal tribe,” McCarthy writes.

“We jumped on the box fighting to get as many little white capsules as possible. Instead of saving some for later, we all pounded at least five at once.”

Drug-fueled gatherings often led to raunchy behavior. She especially recalls one drug-fueled trip to Hawaii by 14 bunnies for a promotional tour. “It was incredibly intense. So much so that we all began to express love for one another by making out with each other.”

The girl-on-girl action, stunned at least one guy who was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to catch the action.

“I can only imagine the shock he was in seeing that he was the only man on the beach with fourteen really f***** up Playmates who just happened to also be making out with each other,” McCarthy relates.

McCarthy’s drugs of choice ran from Ecstasy to Vicodin. She also developed a taste for psychedelic drugs, “turning into a stoner and mushroom expert.”

McCarthy, who recently returned to Playboy for a pictorial in its July-August issue, two decades after first appearing in the magazine, was Playmate of the Year in 1993.

Of course, her bad behavior is now history. McCarthy, who has a 12 year-old son, Evan, has written books about parenting and has become a major advocate for the view that vaccines cause autism.

The medical community has called the claim patently false. Her own son suffered from autism but she says he was cured through chelation therapy.