Kim Kardashian cinches her swimsuit so tight to add shape she looks like she can barely breathe. (Photo: INFDailly)

Kim Kardashian claims to have found “the one” in rapper Kanye West, but her body says otherwise. Kim has clearly been overeating, causing her weight to balloon. That’s usually a sign of unhappiness and depression.

Both men and women turn to comfort food when they are unhappy and the result can adds inches to their waists and hips. Kim’s famous derriere has exploded in size, after gaining 20 pounds.

Her weight gain has caused her to like an Armenian babushka when she attempts to squeeze into skin-tight dresses. They may have once complimented her figure, but now look totally unflattering. Oddly, she claims she’s happier than ever. But can that be true?

Kim, 31, is still struggling with her divorce from Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries, even though she called it quits after just 72 days of marriage. It looks like the case will go to trial next year. If it does, it’s likely to produce shocking revelations about her reality shows.

Kim Kardashian Red Faced Over Kanye West Sex Tapes

Humphries alleges that Kim’s decision to marry him was a sham, done to boost ratings for her show. He’s demanding an annulment in court on grounds that the marriage was a fraud. He’s threatened to pull back the curtain on her reality show, and seems hell bent on going forward with a trial.

Kim is also mired in a class-action lawsuit that charges her with misrepresenting the benefits of QuickTrim diet products, which she’s hyped to her Twitter followers and in commercials for the past three years.

Kim Kardashian Will Never Escape Sex Tape; Kanye Loves It

Finally, there’s the “one,” Kanye West. She just doesn’t care for him all that much, despite what she says. West came along at the right time when Kim was down and tarnished by her marriage blow up.

He’s provided some stability in her life, and made her seem desirable by the way he fawns over her. And he’s injected some new interest in her reality shows. But he was never first on her list of eligible men.

West has been enamored with the voluptuous reality star going back to the days when she dated William Ray Norwood Jr, aka Ray J, the rapper with whom she made her notorious sex tape.

Kim Kardashian Looks More Like a Hooker Than Ever

She could have dated West anytime she wanted, but repeatedly passed over him for others, from Reggie Bush, the real love of her life, to Humphries. After her break up with Ray J, she had rumored flings with Nick Cannon and Nick Lachey before dating Bush.

After she broke up with Bush, she allegedly bed-hopped with Gabriel Aubry, John Mayer, Michael Copon, Miles Austin, Cristiano Ronaldo and Shengo Dean. But no Kanye. He only got his shot after Kim was damaged goods.

Kim puts on a good show, but called West her “best friend” in one interview. What a cruel way to condescend. “It’s so nice to have a best friend in this game who understands everything you’re going through,” she told Tatler. “Being with someone I’ve known for so many years is comforting.”

Like the comfort food she’s stuffing her face with. Look for Kim to blow off Kanye after her divorce is finalized and she’s truly free again to marry. He may be the one now… but judging from what Kim does, not what she says.. he’s not “the one.”

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