Rolling Stones Rip New Song 'Doom and Gloom' From News (listen) 1The Rolling Stones have been watching the news a little too much lately. They released a new song over the BBC this morning titled “Doom and Gloom.” The lyrics are ripped from the headlines. So what’s the Stone’s solution?

In a word “dance.”

The song is the first single from the band’s new album GRRR! Greatest Hits. It will be released in advance of their upcoming tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band. The band has hinted it could be their last together.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in Paris recording the album under the auspices of long-time producer Don Was.

The single is the first new studio recording in seven years. The band is working on another song “One More Shot,” for their greatest hits album, as well. Among other tracks will be Stones’ favorites such as “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction).”

“Doom and Gloom” has the same guitar-driven rhythm and blues sound that has long been a band trademark. What sets the song apart are its politically charged lyrics.

Jagger sings about losing all “the treasure in an overseas war” and “fracking deep for oil,” a controversial environmental issue.

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