Justin Bieber Gotcha! Theft, Nude Photo Hypes New Video (watch!) 1Justin Bieber touched off a media frenzy when he announced that a laptop computer and camera with “personal footage” were stolen from his dressing room. Reports followed that a nude photo had surfaced online. No… not true. It was all a prank. Here’s why.

Bieber was promoting his latest video for song “Beauty and a Beat,” a collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj.

Portions of the clip look like they were shot by Bieber with a handheld camera, the so-called “personal footage,” he was talking about.

“since i was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family…” the Biebster tweeted. “to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character…but today…today i get to be in on it…”


Scads of celebrity gossip Web sites were taken in by the scam, with breathless reports about Justin with his wanker exposed. He’s uncut by the way. Gawker must have devoted hours pursuing the story, only to report the photo apparently wasn’t the singer.

The video is cleverly filmed. Portions look like raw video of Bieber before it cuts to a full-blown music video shot in a water park. Biebs looks like he’s having a blast in more ways than one.

The clip opens with a message on a black screen: “In October 2012, three hours of personal footage was stolen from Justin Bieber. The following footage was uploaded by an anonymous blogger.”

Check out his video below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Justin Bieber updates you can trust.

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